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Located in O'Fallon, MO, Bark 2 Basics...

...was born in 2015 to Christine and Jill, co-workers at Animal Crackers, owned by Pat Woodson.  They loved their jobs and were devastated when the store closed.  They wanted to continue Pat's work and take care of her human and furry customers the way she would have done.  Both gals were trained by Pat and share her love of helping animals and their people to find the best foods, treats, toys and accessories available.  Many hours are spent researching products and they test the items on their own dogs for durability, taste, fun and quality.  They gladly track down foods for pets with allergies and offer a simple sensitivity test for sale to determine what a pet is reacting to.  

They stock numerous dry, wet, freeze dried and frozen raw diets to best suit your pet's needs.

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All foods are meticulously researched and selected for ingredients and quality, both grain free and with wholesome grains.  We have dry, freeze dried and frozen raw diets to best suit your pet's needs. 

To see the brands of food we carry, please visit our blog


We carry a selection of safe, fun toys that we have researched and tested with our own pets for durability, fun factor and quality. Our accessories include leather leashes made in PA, handmade martingale style collars, safety vests for dogs and more.


We carry several lines of gentle but effective shampoos and conditioners as well as brushes, combs, nail clippers and nail grinders.

Sensitivity Testing

We offer a simple, detailed food and environmental sensitivity test for pet parents who want to know what may be bothering their pet.  It involves collecting some hair and a cheek swab from the pet and sending it in.  

Results are emailed in 7-10 days and we are happy to help you find a food that will be best for your pet based on the results. More info can be found at


Phone: (636) 272-2620  Hours: M-Fri, 10a-7p, Sat 10-4p, closed on Sundays

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